Why solar energy is not for everyone

The world of solar energy is starting to be prominent almost in every city across the U.S. And the fact that people are willing to take long term loans says quite a lot. But that being said what are the reasons that a person might want to avoid the purchase of a solar energy system. For one, if you are leasing a building or a residence that you only have a short term lease you should not do so. On the other hand, if you have a long term lease that will allow you to stay at the same location for over 20 years you might want to check the math. Some long term leases will allow the business owner or land lease holder to have a structure such as a solar energy panel system put on the property. 

Example; There are businesses in Las Vegas that do have solar energy systems that are using solar panels to gather their energy (such as casinos). These businesses do have long term leases or land agreements. 

Buying a home to flip for a profit could have some advantages when it comes to installing a solar energy system. If the home is under 1200 square feet or the price of the home is under 200k than it might not be the right fit. But when flipping a property that has a nice amount of square feet or a price tag of over 500k it could be a huge benefit to the buyer. In any case always try to balance the price of expense versus the the outcome of the value. 

Make sure you understand the ratio of your power bill. If your home or condo has a power bill below $50 a month you might not want to purchase solar energy power panels for thousands of dollars. But if you home has a power bill that is significant ($100 and higher) you might want a solar energy company to come and give you an estimate on how much you could save down the road. Either way, make sure you understand what are the pros and cons.

The contract doesn't make since. If a solar energy company promises you things that they are not willing to put in the contract, do not sign it. There are many solar energy companies that are amazing and are worthy of your business, but if a company has issues putting it all in writing go elsewhere. 

My personal experience with a solar energy company in Las Vegas. I used a company called SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas. The service was exceptional and the customer follow up was impeccable. I would absolutely say that if you're going to get multiple quotes for solar energy power in Las Vegas make sure you have them come out as well, you will not be disappointed.